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Welcome to my Digital Portfolio,

Upon my year in having computer class I began with learning graphic animations which intrested myself to learn how to make exquisite images and animation. After my first semester I was ready to learn more about publishing my artwork onto the internet. The beginning of class I knew a bit of what to do & CSS (cascading style sheets), but it had improved myself to be a better web desginer. I tend to always look forward in improving my web designing skills.

The following Web Pages below show how I've improved to how I am now & must I say I improved a vastly amount. I'm thankful & proud of myself having taken this course for a year due to how it's attracted many interviews I had signed up for, I doubt that I'd stop doing my web desinging because in the coming year I'm planning to create a web page for one of the following clubs I am involved in.

Apart from all the knowledge I've obtained I'd like to give much thanks to Mr. Lopez in the many lessons he has taught me & I won't forget them. Thank you Mr. Lopez.


Digital Photo 2

Chemistry Web Page


Digital Photo 5

Tropiflora Web Page


Digital Photo 4

Surfing Website


Digital Photo 6

Endangered Species Web Page


Digital Photo 3

Personal Topic Web Page

Digital Portfolio
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